My alter ego

My name is Naomi (although I am using the alias “Naomi” as in “Campbell”; I figure it fits in with the theme of our blog). As we begin, I weigh 219.6 lbs and I am 5’4 inches tall. The skinniest I have ever been is 178 lbs. (my half-way goal weight).  My BMI says I am obese.  I have struggled with my weight since I can remember. Throughout the time I share this blog with all of you, I will visit all the moments – the lows and the highs – of weight-loss. I love weight training and sprinting. I hate running but will be blogging about my journey to begin to run. I love salads but didn’t always, I loveee chocolate and junk food too much. I’ve been fighting my stomach urges for the betterment of my adolescent and adult life. I am very excited to take you on my journey. I am not looking for sympathy. I am not looking for an outlet,  but I am looking for a conversation to discuss body image, expectations, women’s health, food, “plus size,” “full figure,” and all the other names I’ve been called.  Take this journey with me and let’s begin a new discussion.

3 responses to “Naomi

  1. You know…I love your blog, and would love to read more, but you gotta change the fonts. I’m squinting to read what you write

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