Overheard: Shopping “Woes”

Elle Says:

Overheard at Work:

Senior coworker talking to a junior coworker on the other side of the cubicle:  “Going shopping, I see a lot of sizes 6 and 8…and some larger ones because most people are fat.

But you must find it difficult living here [New York] to find the smaller sizes because you’re so tiny.”

“Yeah! It’s really tough.”


A)    Senior coworker wouldn’t have made the comment had I been within eyesight because

B)    She basically just announced that I’m fat to the office (because my size 10/12 is clearly not the size 6 she’s talking about…and is also clearly repulsive to her).

C)    Now every time I’m on the elevator with her (or some similar situation), I will know that (and how) she’s judging me.

These little instances, thrown haphazardly into conversation, are the most striking to me.  They’re the ones that remind me how “outside” of acceptable norms I am and how judgmental and “size-ist” everyone really is, no matter what P.C. face they put forward – and no matter how accepting they think they are.

We still have a long way to go, baby.

4 responses to “Overheard: Shopping “Woes”

  1. you’re a 10/12 and that’s FAT?!?? honey, I’m a 16! That woman should be hanged by her toenails for saying something like that! That’s a repulsive way to behave! I’m so sorry!

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