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My name is Naomi (although I am using the alias “Naomi” as in “Campbell”; I figure it fits in with the theme of our blog). I live in Atlanta.  As we begin, I weigh 219.6 lbs and I am 5’4 inches tall. The skinniest I have ever been is 178 lbs. (my half-way goal weight).  My BMI says I am obese.  I have struggled with my weight since I can remember. Throughout the time I share this blog with all of you, I will visit all the moments – the lows and the highs – of weight-loss. I love weight training and sprinting. I hate running but will be blogging about my journey to begin to run. I love salads but didn’t always, I loveee chocolate and junk food too much. I’ve been fighting my stomach urges for the betterment of my adolescent and adult life. I am very excited to take you on my journey. I am not looking for sympathy. I am not looking for an outlet,  but I am looking for a conversation to discuss body image, expectations, women’s health, food, “plus size,” “full figure,” and all the other names I’ve been called.  Take this journey with me and let’s begin a new discussion.


I’m Elle.  I have a sarcastic sense of humor, which sometimes comes in handy as I socialize.  I love people, especially a good conversation one-on-one, even if it’s a heavy duty analysis of something pop culture (books, movies, celebrities, Friday Night Lights).  I am paradoxically plagued by being both a huge idealist and a great cynic. I am 26 and live in New York, city of models, fashion, and people who judge at the blink of an eye.  But mostly, I judge myself for being overweight, which (like Naomi) I’ve been since childhood.  In my (biologically) adult life, I’ve seen the scale range from 272 to 107 and back again.  As we begin, I weigh 198 lbs.  and wear a 10-12 (usually).  I refuse to wear tank tops and avoid shorts at all costs. But I don’t want to feel limited anymore.  I don’t want to feel like I can’t eat in front of people because they’ll judge me; I don’t want to feel like I can’t exercise without people thinking “Oh, good; she needs to.”  I don’t want to feel determined by what people think anymore or by the negative things that I think about myself.  So we started a blog, a way to document these feelings and what causes them, and a way to stay accountable encourage one another, if no one else.  I want to analyze what our culture says about weight and weight loss with approaches ranging from the theoretical and educated to the humorous.  I’ve been trying to lose weight, saying that I’ll start “tomorrow,” but “tomorrow” has to be now, with this project. I know my personality, I know my reluctance to accept compliments or any positive thoughts, but I know that to succeed in this journey, I’ll need all the encouragement I can get. My goal is 135, fit, athletic, and healthy.  I appreciate you reading this blog, my way to get there.

17 responses to “About Us

  1. Just want you two to know that you are inspiring for starting this blog! I wish more people were as transparent as you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing who you are with the world. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Naomi – I hate running as well but have forced myself to pick it up this year, so far so good. I’ve been running 4-5k (2.5-3 miles) twice a week since May and I’m starting to see some improvements in my performance.

    And I’m starting to (gasp) like it!

    • Thank you for the words of encouragement. That’s so awesome you started running, keep it up and thanks for reading!

  3. Your blog is fantastic! I like your honest approach and sense of humour. I have been asked a number of times when I was expecting my baby (never been pregnant) and have worried about what others think of me (too much). I’ve lost 3 and a bit stone in weight and want to lose a bit more and get fit too. I look forward to joining you on your journeys!

    • Ooohh you’re an August baby too?? Sama lah kita! 😀 But you get to go makan angin for your birthday. Aku makan REAL angin saja lah. Hahahah..PS: AL.Ting, keiasn aku tengok luahan rasa wifey mu itew… 😛

  4. My best wishes to both of you, you’ll do a fav job. Persistent and consistent efforts will surely bring brilliant results. That worked for me 🙂

  5. fantastic – that exactly what I want to read –
    and more, this will improve my english !
    I will follow you both : want also to loose weight and learn more…

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