Elle’s Stats


Weight: 207
(+/-) = -.6

Week 1 (We’re starting anew):


Starting Weight Watchers with a friend tonight.  Terrified. But hopeful.

Weight: 207.6

Date: 10/01/2012

Progress: None.  Really struggling right now, especially emotionally and psychologically.

Week 5

Date    9/1/2012
Weight (lbs.)    194.4
Neck (”)    13.75
Bicep (“)    14.675
Forearm (“)    11.25
Chest (“)    38.25
Waist (“)    38.75
Hips (“)    44
Thigh (“)    26
Calf (“)    16.75
Bust (“)    39.5

Waist and hips went UP??  That’s really frustrating.  And of course bust deflated. And I didn’t lose nearly as many pounds as I wish.  But…it’s something.

Week 3


Well…this week has been one for the books – or at least one for the diary.  I cannot tell you how AMAZED I am at the support we received from first being Freshly Pressed and then receiving comments encouraging and supporting us.  It even emboldened me to tell a few people close to me about the blog (and thus about my issues and goals), which I had been intending to keep anonymous.
I have to admit that I’d been treating this blog as just another attempt, and I expected myself to fail, as I usually do in fear.  And in some ways I did: I ate abominably this week through no fault but my own, and I know I will pay for that on the scale and in my workout.  But I also have renewed determination.  Unfortunately, this week is gone, but I want to recommit because now so many people have voiced support – and community means a lot to me.

So here are my goals for the near future:

  • Run a 5k in October.  I’ve been working on this for some time and actually ran a 5k (on my own, not a registered race) way back in February or so.  But then I hurt my knee and haven’t been able to find the dedication or slow consistency to work back up to it.  So I’m going to sacrifice my pride and begin the training again at about week 4 on my 10k app.  Slow and steady  – and powerful.
  • Document everything I eat.  This has always been the hardest for me, especially because I’m a very social person and the majority of evenings are usually determined midday: “Hey, we’re doing this fun thing at restaurant/bar tonight.  Come hang out!” I’m not willing to say no to people because I’m working on building relationships (and I LOVE people!), but I need to learn to say no to the food, even if it’s free.  And I need to not give up in panic if I can’t plan everything.  But I still need to commit to food plans. And to using MyFitnessPal and its great community.
  • Write down my goalsDaily.  Even if they’re not food related, I want to make a daily goal and stick to it, even if it’s something as mundane as doing the laundry.  The feeling of crossing it off my list is an important physical feeling that I want to experience, and hopefully becoming more goal-oriented in the everyday will help me commit to goals in weight loss.
  • Write more for the blog.  Promote it, document our journeys, talk more about our culture, and encourage others.

So I’m taking a “free pass” from the scale this week.  That is, I’m not going to weigh myself tomorrow because I don’t want to despair.  I want to stay encouraged and act like the scale doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t matter how I did this week; it’s about how I’ll live this life.  Just hope I can keep this optimism and commitment…

Week 2

Date    8/6/2012
Weight (lbs.)    199.8
For my disappointment with this, click here.

Week 1

Date    8/1/2012
Weight (lbs.)    198.4
Neck (”)    13.875
Bicep (“)    15
Forearm (“)    11.375
Chest (“)    38.375
Waist (“)    38
Hips (“)    43.25
Thigh (“)    27.75
Calf (“)    17
Bust (“)    41.125

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