Naomi’s Exercise Journal

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I am moving next weekend. Yay/Boooo. I hate moving especially packing but since I knew that’s what I would have to do for my exercise yesterday. I decided to wear my polar heart rate monitor . I’ve had one since I first started my weight-loss journey in college it’s so handy especially when I am not working out on a machine. I clocked in 91 minutes of packing at 493 calories.


After a night of celebration with friends, I decided a long workout was in order. Got to sweat the alcohol out right? I started watching breaking bad to let the time go by while I’m working out I’m only on episode 2 but hey I just started on Thursday.. Anyways I did 60 minutes of cardio 40 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I also added in strength exercises. 60 lunges, 60 pulse lunges, 100 squats, 30 shoulder presses w/ 10lb weight, 20 arm raises with 8lb weight, Shoulder blast w/2lb weight- 30 sec press, 30 sec arm rolls front, 30 sec arm rolls back, and 30 sec hold in front of your body. I typically like to keep my workout to about an hour but if I have time I’ll enjoy it.

One of my great friends sent me this photo this morning. Love the support 🙂


After a pretty “grueling” schedule this week I am taking today off . Back at it tomorrow


I actually got up to workout again this morning! Makes me feel so accomplished. Note to self read this statement every morning to make sure I get up. I’ll leave you with a picture a friend of mine wrote on my dry erase board in my bathroom. 498 calories 🙂 I would like to add in a turn events that  a friend from work invited me to go running at the park… I went and I ran 1.9 miles!!! Seriously I ran 1.9 miles 🙂 I also did stairs that nearly killed me but hey. I am on top of the world

Yes some people ARE sleeping right now and usually that’s me! Yay 6 am workouts!


Wahoo! I finally made it out of bed this morning for some much needed cardio! I did the 5k trail on the elliptical for 42 minutes. 642 calories uh huh uh huh! So I would just like to say that I was conned into helping one of my friends move last night. The move in items included; king size mattress, a couch, and a 250 lb mirror. According my fitness pale 2.5 hours of this 1743 calories!!!


I decided it was time to get my car a check up yesterday forced me to be without my car for most of the day. However at 3pm I was on the move looking at 4 apartment properties since I am moving in like a week. Needless to say I got a lot of walking in. 10,600 steps!


Still nursing my hip injury I plan to make a full recovery


I went apartment hunting on Sunday or rather looked at one apartment. Sundays are usually my lazy day and topped with a random hip injury I took it easy. Definitely not my best week in exercise. I am focusing more on food since I tend to start of too difficult in exercise and then burn out.


I discovered a small tweak in my hip. Possibly from all the moving of boxes at work. I did however get some crunches in and steps. Not the type of exercise I wanted to get in on Saturday.


Friday was a total bust I basically had a mix of extreme high and lows and couldn’t find the courage to get to the gym. No excuses.


My exercise class got canceled and I totally choked on finding a replacement for my exercise. Still got my 10,013 steps in!


Awesome pyramid workout perfect quick workout before trivia tonight 🙂


I had my job interview pretty sure it went well. I didn’t get in to work till around 12:30 so I ended up staying till 8:30pm. However you know all those boxes I filled up on Friday? I am now refilling the file cabinets with “new” files needless to say I’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting. I also managed 9,656 steps yesterday! I’ll have more “organized” exercise for the next few days “extreme body suicide”, Piloxing, and a little Jillian Michaels thrown in.


So I am not going to make excuses, but I had a big  job interview coming up on Tuesday so I spent all day Monday shopping for a suit. (Blog post to come) I am wearing a pedometer though, and I was able to get 7,854 steps in! Win?


Old fashion cardio today! I worked out on the Elliptical for 72 minutes long enough to finish the 8k trail setting on the machine. I burned 1046 calories. 🙂 I start morning workouts tomorrow wish me luck!


My roommate and I are moving so we packed up most of the kitchen it only took an hour for a total calorie burn of 187 calories, we did work!!


I put files in folders and lifted and stacked all these boxes it took me around 90 minutes for a total calorie burn of 1046!


I was still sick on Thursday so no exercise for me!


Unfortunately I’ve been sick for the past few days no exercise for me.

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